Tested Positive: 6 Simple Ways to Shift to a Healthy Mindset

We at #LaurusPH get it, everyone gets it. The situation these days is definitely more dire than usual. Life is really unpredictable, but when you throw in a global pandemic with economic recessions, it gets even more so. And it’s precisely because of this scenario, not in spite of it, that you need to have the resilience and practice positivity. There are a lot of things that are beyond your control, but your mindset is not one of them. You can choose to be happy. Here are 6 quick hacks:

  1. Give yourself a break. The best time to relax is when you seemingly don’t have time for it. So whenever you feel like one thing keeps stacking up on top of another – work, household chores, taking care of the kids – take a step back and get a breather. It’ll do wonders in helping your mind from going down the negative lane.

2. Exercise. If you need more motivation to get out of the couch more often, this is it. Not only will exercise help you get a much-needed workout, it will also release hormones called endorphins that aid in making you feel happy. And no, being stuck at home shouldn’t be an excuse. If you can binge on Korean dramas, you can definitely go through an exercise video.

3. Cultivate a positive environment. This is very important, so be intentional about it. You can put motivational quotes on your desk; create a small support group with your closest friends; or even compile a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs. The point is to be mindful about injecting positivity into your daily routine.

4. Smile. Find things that make you smile. They don’t have to be grand. On the contrary, if you can find joy even in simple things, you’ll find that it won’t take much effort to make you happy. After all, no matter how rough your day is, there’s usually bound to be something to smile about.

5. Be grateful. This one is closely tied to finding reasons to smile. If you transfer your focus from your accumulated problems to the things that are still going right for you, you’ll realize you are more blessed than you thought. You have your house; your family is with you; you get to keep your job. When you look at your life from that perspective, it’s hard not to find things to be grateful for.    

6. Help someone else. Yes, it’s very easy to drown in your own problems and forget everything else around you, especially now. The more you do this, however, the harder it will be for you to get out of that rut. Here’s an antidote to that: find a way to help someone else. It doesn’t have to be grand, either. It can be as simple as volunteering to do the weekly grocery shopping of your elderly neighbor who has trouble going out. You render your services and you feel good about it. A win-win.

On the grand scale of things, a bad mood is definitely normal. But if you’re constantly in one, you may one day realize that it’s adding up to a negative life. Practice positivity regularly and watch it transform how you approach challenges. So, do you have any tips you’d like to share on how you maintain positivity in these trying times? Let us know in the comments. We’re always excited to hear from the community.   

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