A RAT RACE is a financial situation — a lifestyle lived by numerous people. It is a daily cycle of the living that is hard to surpass and can be exasperating.

People think that if you own or buy something depending on how it costs or what the brand is, that is your financial status in life. But what if it’s not what they really see? You will never show weakness, being presentable and physically well provided is a big plus to having extra confidence. If you buy it, you most probably saved for it and really worked hard to have it. Keep up the fighting spirit! But what if you’re spending way too much than your monthly wages (but still be able to pay for your bills) and still have a hard time allotting for the rainy days and extra days you want to just randomly live. You may have good budgeting skills, but can you put it up a notch higher than your monthly salary and budget?

The Rat Race is a socio-economic concept of the usual problems of the working class in society, such as being consumed by necessities, debt, temporary pleasures, and short-term decisions. You can best learn what the Rat Race really is through this video by the artist Steve Cutts, depicting the everyday struggles of the working class:

Having a lot of responsibilities — monthly bills, mortgages/ rent, little ones, needs, and extra expenses. You will really have to work two or more jobs or have a job that can cover at least your monthly payable. That is not a bad thing, it is being responsible for all the financial obligations you choose. Good job you!

We think that the higher our salary gets, the better — yes, it really does help a lot. But the same goes with our taxes, it shadows our increasing incomes and that’s how it really works and we can’t do anything about it. One thing for sure is that we can work something around it. Catches your attention? Keep following.

If you are currently or been experiencing the situations said above, since no one knows when then you are most likely in the rat race. You are one of the people, who unconsciously race their way out of the system; wanting to relax for years but can’t, having to work for the money and not being able to make the money work for you. It is so tiring, endless and time eating (literally and metaphorically). I mean who wants that?

Feeling beaten by the repetitive lifestyle and an exhaustive keeping-up-with-the-obligations, just working and feeling pointless — we suggest you read the book of Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad. An overview: He tells a story about growing up with his two dads — how they are widely different in terms of investing and money-making. How both of them have helped him have his own thoughts about it. It’s one of the best books to read if you want to learn how money really is. Robert Kiyosaki even developed Cashflow 101 Workshop — an overview and hands-on understanding of what makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. It is a physical and visual guide to the book, wherein you will learn how to execute your learning.

It’s never too late to do something worth life changing. Always remember that if you are willing and been wanting to explore the other side of your current situation, then you should find a way to acquire a lot of knowledge, experience, and learning to achieve what you want. Hard work will be your best pal leading to great things you once only imagining.