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We change lives globally through our extraordinary, high impact, and experiential breakthrough programs, resulting in both immediate and long-term changes through transformed mindsets, wealth, relationships and a sense of purpose.

We believe that an every experience is an opportunity for growth, and we will not accept anything less than the best from the speakers on our platform, to punctuality, to how we create an environment for your optimal growth. Your learning journey is our priority.

A weekend that will change your financial life forever!

This 3-Day program based on T. Harv Eker‘s #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today’s Bestseller, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. It’s designed to condition your mentality to better identify opportunities, and taking on those opportunities strategically, to attain financial freedom the smart way

Learn from The World's Best

This 1-day event You will learn from the world’s top experts and discover their tried and tested strategies in entrepreneurship, wealth creation, inspiration, innovation and leadership.

Tired of the Rat Race? Learn what the Rich People DO!

This 1-day gives participants an overview and hands-on understanding of what makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. It is packed with vital information that will show you how to turn the principles and ideas of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, author of New York Times’ best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, into actual and real-world opportunities to generate additional cashflow for you and your family. 

Master the Inner Game of Sales to Explode Your Income and Create High Performance Teams that Sell!

This 2-day program you’ll learn how to make more money in less time and train your team to do the same for a massive increase in sales! You will be given tools that will help you transform how you approach Challenges and Opportunities that impact You, your Business, and your Team, day in and day out.

Close More Sales in Less Time With Codebreaker AI.

This 2-day workshop is the world’s only methodology scientifically validated to accurately predict buying behavior in real time. The simple, personality-based B.A.N.K. system can pinpoint anyone’s personality in nanoseconds, as well as give you sales intelligence on how to communicate, negotiate, and close the sale easily with anyone using their own values. This high emotional intelligence approach leverages the best assessment tools, our high-energy training, and cutting-edge technology to maximize results.

How to Build A Business that Can Grow without You

Are you self employed in your own business? Or are you part of a system where the business functions and scalability are dependent on your availability? In the 3 days of the program, you will learn the importance of creating a second line leadership team who are competent and committed. you will learn the simple yet powerful P.A.C.E system and the various tools and templates which you will implement to build your business which can grow without you.

This program expands your power to excel across all areas of your life through an unparalleled series of courses, camps, and workshops.

There is no other personal development program like it anywhere. Be prepared for the most exhilarating journey of your life; a journey to the highest peaks of your potential. Over the course of your program you will stretch, grow and blossom as you realize your inner power, accessing deep reservoirs of knowledge and releasing hidden blocks that distract you from living your ultimate life.

Learn How to Create Your Own Economy

Learn how to use Simple but highly effective strategies to increase your monthly earnings as used by Professional Traders and Investors. Join us and discover strategies & best investment opportunities on how to thrive in an unpredictable stock market.

Grow and scale your online business and be the only logical choice in your market!

How to build, grow and scale your online business and be the only logical choice in your market! In 2018, marketing online on social media sites or any popular platforms are becoming more and more effective than traditional marketing, which is why you see everyone diving into it. HOWEVER, many people actually failed in the end because they jump right into online marketing WITHOUT knowing the fundamentals or understanding how it works.

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