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JUNE 26-27, 2021

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Life can be difficult as a freelancer: you have to divide your time between client projects and the backend side of your business, plus having to deal with the challenges of the past year. You are forced to survive with what little you have. You get overwhelmed.
But there is a way to thrive through all of these struggles. 

By creating your own economy.

This means using your limited resources to build opportunities that will give you wealth and the freedom to enjoy it, anytime and anywhere you want.

And once you do, you can support the people you care and love. You can help others. And more importantly, you can ignite hope to everyone around you. 

But how? 

The Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF) and Laurus Enterprises have partnered to give you an event that will help you grow your freelancing business and

create your own economy.

They have invited some of the best freelancers and industry experts in the Philippines to give practical tips, actionable strategies, and life-changing insights that are applicable to freelancers of all kinds.

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Our expert speakers are the best, not simply because they have succeeded in their businesses. They are the best because they have taught, inspired, and helped thousands to have their success stories, too.

They have invested in millions, spent years in honing their craft, and consistently created wins that made an impact to their respective industries. 

Imagine learning their secrets and insights without spending tens of thousands of pesos – right at the comfort of your home!

Web Speaker John


Founder of The Freelance Movement & Write Send Convert

He is The Guy who writes emails for a living. He’s also the founder of The Freelance Movement, a community dedicated to helping seasoned and aspiring freelancers build a highly paid, sought-after, stress-free freelance business. He has this vision that 10-15 years from now, the word “freelancing” would be uttered under the same breath and reverence as a lawyer, doctor, or an engineer…that one day our sons and daughters would say, “When I grow up, I want to be a freelancer!”.

Web Speaker Simon


Co-Founder of the Online Filipino Freelancers

Co-Founder of the Online Filipino Freelancers group, an MSI Gaming Brand Ambassador, and a proud OFW in the United Arab Emirates. He is a living proof that it IS possible to work on both physical and online opportunities at the same time. Having been away from the Philippines for more than 13 years, he is currently focused on global stock market trading as he believes that this is his ticket to retire young and go back home for good.

Web Speaker Nix


Digital Marketing and Social Media Mentor

He is regarded as one of the top digital marketers in the Philippines. He started freelancing at 16 years old and has since become a 3X Head of Marketing for companies that scaled to millions of dollars in revenue. He founded Social Media Academy in 2017 helping over 10,000 freelancers and marketers with social media marketing, became a Facebook Community Ambassador in 2018, and today works in helping community leaders get paid for their hard work and continues to mentor marketers to become the best in the world at what they do.

Web Speaker Russ


Transformational leader and Life & Wealth Coach

Founder of I Am + Coaching & Training Systems. Coming from the simple life of a janitor with only dreams and faith, he climbed toward success and has become the best life coach in the Philippines. He empowers people to live an extraordinary life – not only because they can do it, but also because it is what they deserve.

Web Speaker Lish


Founder and CEO of AmazoNation Inc.

Founder of AmazoNation and the Amazon Queen of the Philippines. She is a coach and expert to hundreds of Filipino Amazon Sellers and virtual assistants, both here and abroad. To date, her Amazon business is consistently earning millions in gross revenue selling 50+ products worldwide. She is now on a mission to help more Filipinos turn their path in working from home as part of AmazoNation FAMily.

Web Speaker Fibo


Philippines’ #1 Online Marketing Expert

He is one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in the Philippines. Over the past 4 years, he has built a following of 300,000+ entrepreneurs in the country by helping them acquire red-hot prospects in social media, convert them into paying customers using an automated sales process, and generate sales 24/7 predictably and consistently.

Web Speaker Carl


The Property Guru

Top resource speaker for real estate, investments, and family finance. He finished Real Estate Management from the Harvard Business School and is currently the President of his own property development and consultancy company, Spectrum Investments. Due to his vast knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, he has been featured several times in CNN, Yahoo, Asia Dragon, Entrepreneur, Inquirer, Chinoy TV, Moneysense, and SunLife.

Web Speaker Clara


The Absolute Transformational Coach and Speaker

Certified International Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Speaker on holistic wellness and absolute mindset, Coach, and a Philanthropist. She has a diploma on vegan and vegetarian nutrition from the UK and the creator of one of the most successful nutrition-based meal delivery programs in the Philippines that is well supported by celebrities and a-listers. She is an author of an upcoming book “How To Never Diet Forever”, and President and CEO of ADA Inc.

Web Speaker J


Founder of the LifeGiving Leaders Movement

International Facilitator, Speaker and Coach. He is a Licensed, GALLUP Strengths Coach, Meta-Coach, Neuro-Semantic FULL Trainer, and Organizational Development Training Professional with years of experience in the creation, implementation and delivery of learning and organizational development interventions aligned to support your personal, professional and business goals. With specialized skills in training, coaching, leadership development, teambuilding, and experiential learning, he is eager to partner with you in developing you, your team or your organization to serve your greatest calling.

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The freelancing world is rapidly growing in the country. Freelancers and home-based workers need to adapt and thrive. Learn:

If we are not developing ourselves and profiting online, then we are wasting the power of the online world. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce as soon as possible. Discover how to:

It all starts in the mind. Our productivity and day to day performance will multiply when we take control of our ways of thinking. Understand:

All these and more are available to you at the

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JUNE 26-27, 2021





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