Why do only some people make more money and become successful while others simply end up with a life filled with hard work and no positive outcome? Isn’t it an irony that the top one per cent of the world owns more than half of the world’s wealth?


But the truth is your financial success may have nothing to do with how good or bad the economy is, how the stock market is doing or even how much money you earn.

Millionaire Mind Experience (MME) is an event designed and created by T Harv Eker, the author of 'Secrets of Millionaire Mind'.

The Millionaire Mind Experience is the perfect way to kick-start your journey

This powerful 3-hour seminar, will teach you about your financial blueprint — your preconditioned way of thinking about money.

If you’re struggling with money, this course will help you get your head above water. If you’re already making good money, you’ll learn strategies to make better use of what you have.

Here are just a few of the other things you’ll learn:

  • How your childhood conditioning is affecting you financially today
  • How you can redesign your blueprint for a higher level of success than you’re currently enjoying
  • How to train your mind to work for you, instead of against you
  • How your inner world controls your external results. How to become aware of it and use it to your advantage.
  • You’ll learn a really easy way to manage your money so you can turn it into MORE, no matter how good at finances at you may think that you already are!

Money is a tool. When you learn to use money as a tool, you use it in practical ways, instead of emotional ways, to create the lifestyle you want. You must become aware of your thoughts and feelings about money before you can begin to use money in a way that supports you and your goals.


Elvenril Camus

Elven Camus is a Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales art and skills to thousands of sales and business professionals. He has conducted over 3,000 public migration orientations in the Philippines and Middle East Countries (within 5 years) and over 150 public and private sales trainings in different companies and locations in the Philippines.

His success story started from him being a hardworking room attendant in a hotel who eventually became a salesperson in an immigration consultancy firm. Due to lack of experience and training, he experienced being broke during his sales career before discovering what really works. His career eventually turned around after he engaged himself in world-class and life-changing trainings and seminars provided by no less than the world’s leading event promoter – Success Resources with the help of Laurus Enterprises. He then successfully completed T. Harv Eker’s Signature Program – Quantum Leap including Making The Stage. He believed that success is the result of nonstop learning and implementing.

Elven is the founder of Elevate Results Training and Consulting, which has a mission of helping sales professionals, business owners, organizations and individuals increase their sales and elevate their business guided by his passion, discipline and attitude.

We can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but if the “blueprint” isn’t set for success, we are financially doomed. It is this money blueprint that determines if we’ll struggle our entire life or if we will be able to attract wealth to ourselves. Unfortunately, you may be stuck with this blueprint for the rest of your life unless you change it.

Millionaire Mind Experience Cebu

Lead by Elvenril Camus

April 25, 2020

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Cebu Trade Hall, SM City

Php 400.00/pax – Early Bird Rate until March 21, 2020
Php 550.00/pax – Regular Rate from April 1-24, 2020
Php 700.00/pax – Walk-in Rate on April 25, 2020

For inquiry call: 0917-513-3456

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