It’s the Year’s End, Let’s Get Ready for New Beginnings

What’s your 2020 like? By the time you are reading this, you might have felt the following thingsā€¦

There’s the epidemic that started early this year. It gave us a huge scare. We were held down by quarantines. And as the year comes to an end, it still keeps us in fear. 

Some storms left places in our country devastated. There were ruined lives and people who lost homes. 

There were challenges in our economy. We missed a lot of opportunities, and some of us lost jobs. And in the end, there was a painful uncertainty that kept us awake at night. 

We have to admit, 2020 will never be a walk in the park. To call it challenging is an understatement. Because we have to admit, it brought us a lot of pain. 

But the year is ending now. And yes, even during these times, we still find ways to have hope. We still find ways to enjoy the holidays. 

And yes, we find ways to get ready for new beginnings. 

What does this mean for us? 

The ending of a year gives us the following things…

Learning from the mistakes of the past.

It gives us the power to look back and see what we can change. 

In doing so, we make sure that we can gain learning and wisdom. And also, it gives us a chance to… 

Prepare for the future.

In a way, when we look back at the year, we went through. We understand ourselves and our circumstances. And when we do, we can prepare and set our plans in motion for the year to come. 

When this happens, we know that we can do better. We make sure that there is something ahead of us. And yes, we also…

Bring life to the hope of the future.

The future isn’t always so bleak. Yes, in the new normal, we have problems that stop us from being the best that we can be. But with the power of purpose, direction, and action, we can turn things around. 

After all, we owe it to ourselves to make a better future. And it’s not just for us. It’s also for those we care for, the people we serve, and those we have yet to influence. 

So as the year ends, what do we do? 

There are three important things we have to do… 


No doubt, the year 2020 has brought us a lot of stress. After all, we had to find ways to survive. And it kept us on our toes even as this year ends. 

The punishing pandemic brought us anxiety for our health. It also affected the way we work, study, and play. It didn’t help that most of us stayed at home. 

This stress kept us from being the best we can be. So what to do? 

Let’s find time to rest and relax. We can do this by taking time away from the distracting negative noise of social media. And of course, we must spend time with the people we love. 

And we need this rest. Because having a good rest opens us up to… 


It’s not enough to just rest. We also have to take time to look back at what the year was. 

After all, when we reflect on how we lived through perhaps one of the worst times of recent history, we learn lessons and gain valuable insights. 

It’s never easy. But to reflect, we need to remind ourselves that the past can help us bring clarity for the future. 

After all, when we reflect on what was, we can then prepare to… 


Yes, 2021 is less than a month away. But that doesn’t mean that we stop now. We can still do something productive in the last days of 2020. 

We can restart our paths to success with the strength we gain from rest and the insights from our reflection. We can build our momentum so that we have a powerful beginning. And, of course, it’s so much better to start now, even if it seems like we aren’t ready. 

After all, we need to take action. We owe it to ourselves to make sure that we fulfill our promise for the years beyond. 

Yes, the year 2020 will be ending soon. And even if 2021 has a lot of uncertainty in it, we still have the power to change and control our destinies. 

And so we thank what was and face what will be. Because in the end, we have the power to be what we can be. 

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