How’s Your First Quarter Like?

The first quarter of the year is already over. And with what’s happening around the world, it’s hard to see ourselves rise above the challenges that face us. 

After all, we face problems in the economy, health, and even the relationships we keep. How can we rise above with what’s happening? 

But whether we like it or not, we have to move forward. After all, even with the crises that we face, we still have great potentials we can achieve. 

So what do we do now that the first quarter is finished? Well, we have to…

First of all, reflect on what has happened in the past three months. When we are clear on what has happened, we can see what we have done well. We can also see what needs to improve. And we know how to move forward. 

Next, we have to ask ourselves what we have to do with the remaining quarters of the year. We find out what we have to achieve, challenges to face, and what we can do better? 

Finally, we have to renew ourselves as we face the next months ahead. We need to rest, renew, and reaffirm ourselves to help those who need help. 

So let’s start with… 

What Questions to Ask Ourselves

Yes, a lot of things happened in the past three months of 2021. And sometimes, it can confuse us. But when we ask the right questions, we can reflect, learn, and plan. 

So what do we ask about the past quarter? 

First, we have to ask ourselves …

How did our lives go? 

In asking this, we look back and see what happened to us and what we did. When we know these, we can ask ourselves…

Did we achieve the goals we set for this quarter? 

This question takes a bit of analysis, but it shows if we have actually achieved what we set out to do. 

There is a likely chance that we achieved our goals. But it is also possible that there are some things that we haven’t accomplished. When that happens, we ask ourselves… 

What changes are we going to make in the following quarters?

When we ask this question, we see ourselves as constantly improving individuals. And when that happens, we don’t just seek to achieve goals. We also become people who are on a path of consistent growth. 

After all, we don’t just achieve external goals. We also achieve goals that build us up internally. 

Now we still have three quarters left to look forward to. And yes, it can be challenging. We’ll face challenges and even crises ahead. But there is always an excitement of achieving potential. 

To help ourselves move forward, we have to ask ourselves the following questions for the next quarters… 

First, we have to know… 

What milestones and goals do we want to achieve?

We have big dreams to achieve. To achieve these, we need to have milestones and goals that will help us reach these. Because when we are aware of these, we can know… 

What challenges do we expect to face? 

Yes, in every path to achievement, we will face challenges ahead. Sure, it will be harder for us. But challenges help us grow and make us use the built-in resources we have at our disposal. Knowing these challenges also helps us know… 

What areas in life can we do better in? 

In the end, our goals are not simply there to help us achieve our dreams. We have plans because it is a way to make us grow. Because as we face the challenges ahead and overcome every obstacle, we don’t just gain trophies of achievement. We also stand stronger as persons who have consistent growth.

Yes, 2021 is still not over. And as we go along, we have to work to become the best versions of ourselves. 

When we become the better versions of ourselves, we can serve and give value to the people we hold most dear. We can provide our best in work, relationships, and every aspect of our lives. 

And better yet, we can also make ourselves the persons who can create a better life for others. The future can be challenging. But even in its uncertainty, we have the power to use it to help ourselves and make a positive impact. 

Yes, we are grateful that a quarter of the year has already passed. But with that, we learn, prepare, and hope so that we can act for the betterment of all this 2021.

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