Everyone’s definitely come across the idea of saving, but are usually challenged by the action itself, especially if income and resources are limited.

In any case, it’s another testament to the common phrase “Nothing worth having comes easy”, implying that a certain degree of difficulty is involved in attaining any of the goals you’ve set. But there is a pre-requisite in fulfilling every objective for you to get there. Without further ado, we start with:


No matter how well-thought of your plan is in saving if it isn’t being practiced and applied consistently, it shows a lack of determination. It heavily includes discipline, and in the sight of tempting food, a new dress, or new gadgets, you are placed in a very captivating test of determination.

We might immediately think that not getting what we want is close to, in a way, a type of suffering that is not necessarily that harmful. As a matter of fact, it’s actually something that we should always try to anticipate. If we keep making decisions based on an optimistic viewpoint, we won’t be able to consider what we’re trying to avoid. Saving requires determination in order for it to be experienced. Of the many challenges you’d face in saving, you can lock the doors of your next temptations using the key of determination.


Before we make any moves, we have to stop and realize computing has to be done if we want to monitor everything in the bird’s eye view. Here are some basic factors that should be included for your computation:


Transport Cost

Know how much your current route is costing you. Cheaper routes can be tricky, but if it involves a lot of effort and isn’t too far from the price of a more convenient route, at least for your comfort, try to reconsider because your energy can be used for more useful activities


Social expenses

If you really want to save, there must be discipline and limits to spending under this factor. It would be best to try to cut expenses from going out because your priorities and responsibilities are more important now because it can affect your future.



The crème-de-la-crop of expenses — your shelter’s overhead. A good portion of salaries tend to be devoted to the comforts of our shelter, and this is okay. However, adjustments need to be made in your consumption if it results to higher expenditures. You’ll know this if it covers more than 1/4 to 1/2  of your salary.


Your Sum 

Now, when you see everything from a bigger picture, you can clearly identify the specific challenges you face in saving, and it could be time to find a better job or consider doing side-hustles for extra income, which is usually a big help. The first step is usually to learn more such as sourcing for extra work based on your abilities and strengths, but one effective approach to this is refreshing your ideas and mindset by attending workshops that recognize and help solve the struggles of having a small income.

If you feel that the cost you have every month or perhaps almost every salary cut-off is choking you with little money left for yourself, then you are in the Rat Race. The Rat Race is a concept of our everyday routines affecting the way we should or want to live. Work, commute, indulging and spending because of pressure and self-reward even when it’s not necessary — are indications that you might be in the Rat Race, specifically if it takes most of your time and effort. But when you realize it, the next step upon is to get out of it, which you can learn from Cashflow 101, for instance.


Cashflow 101 is a workshop that teaches how people can best identify the specifics of the finances, and how to handle them. The workshop also provides ideas, business & financial techniques, best practices while presenting a mindset dedicated to choosing the best decisions in your career. 

Cashflow 101 Workshop is happening on May 19, 2019 at Discovery Suites, Ortigas, Pasig City. With the ticket price of ONLY P800 as the Early Bird Promo still runs until April 30, 2019.

There’s no better way to learn from the experts and have fun at the same time.


At least a good number of changes need some acceptance, and it usually can be against your convenience. Let’s put ourselves in a situation of working inside an office that can either be near or far from your home. Here’s what we need to consider regardless:


The Commute

Your commute to the places you need to go to especially for your work can safely involve traffic and a barrage of challenges especially if you live in Manila. Regardless, commuting still has cost in both money and energy:

Leave at least a threshold of an hour and 30 minutes devoted to commuting, anticipating any potential traffic (two hours if your day involves meetings.) This still depends on where you are coming from and your destination.

  • Alternative transport apps like Wunder or Grab can be utilized but only during emergencies, as much as possible try to find out about different routes.
  • Avoid restaurants that do not provide you value for money. Food around the area, when you can afford it at certain times, can always question our determination in saving. Yes, the food is fresh upon serving, but we must remind ourselves again that nothing worth having comes easy. The decision you make in avoiding restaurants that aren’t really value for money such as most Fast-food Restaurants will benefit you in the long run, especially in health.


We must always want to improve our lives. No exceptions. We encourage you to take action because it’s all worth it in the end. What’s the pay-off exactly?


When you have the advantage, you have more space in making decisions may it be for leisure, or better yet, further advancing your life by learning new things and taking on more complex work. You can maximize your money by earning more, investing it in stocks, investing your savings in the business you’re planning, and even do side-hustles as mentioned before for extra income. It all boils down to giving you the advantage in which you may learn from Cashflow 101 also.


Emergency Funds

Emergencies should always be anticipated, and your financial decisions matter in this arena. Make sure you try to save up on the side for your emergency fund besides your main savings in case the situation calls for it. Remember, you can do a lot when you have the advantage.

Time is extremely limited and it’s moving fast. Could you imagine how fast we’ve transitioned from having phones with keypads, not able to capture images or videos? To phones that are more powerful than most computers released 2012 and earlier? Could you imagine how fast we can get information now through the internet than actually waiting for a lesson to be taught by your teachers in school?

We live in a time where growth is exponential, and with it, comes opportunities that won’t last. That’s why it’s best you act on it as early as now and get ahead. If you happen to need guidance in making the right decisions, it’s recommended to assess first and then open your mind for guided decision-making. Laurus Enterprises offers seminars and workshops that are geared towards your success in career, go to this link to learn about the programs.