How to Create Momentum in Your Life

It’s so nice to imagine a time in the distant future when things will magically fall into place. You’ll be working in your dream career or business; you’ll have amazing relationships with your family and close friends; and you’ll have more than enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle. But life, for better or worse, doesn’t work that way. More often than not, it may seem unfair. You’ll fail and face rejection more times than you can count. And you’ll have to face a long series of detours and glitches.  

So rather than wishing for the stars to align before you can live your dream life, why not start inching towards your goals instead? Remember, your aim should be PROGRESS, not perfection. Here are a few tips to help you take that crucial first step – and take it from there.

Just do it.

It’s probably one of the most popular taglines ever, but it also carries so much weight and significance into it. Action will always, always beat contemplation. There’s no way that you’ll have all the answers to everything you want to know before you start a project, a venture, or a goal. So just start. Trust that you’ll eventually be able to make tweaks and adjustments as you go along. It’s a process, so learn from it and enjoy. But you need to get started. After all, you can learn how to swim simply by reading about it – can you?

Put it on your calendar.

Unless you’re absolutely intentional about something, you’ll find that life always seems to get in the way and you never get around to whatever it is you want to do. Plotting it on your schedule helps to keep you on track – or serves as a reminder that you need to reroute. You don’t need to block huge chunks of time; it’s most likely not going to be sustainable and realistic over time, anyway. If you’ve been meaning to organize your closet, for instance, you can do it one drawer at a time for 15 mins on weekdays.

Learn about it.

There’s no single, surefire way to do anything. So your best bet is to keep learning about any undertaking you want to achieve, and be flexible enough to have a lot of trial and error as you go about it. Let’s say you started doing freelancing while holding down your full-time job. You can read blogs and join online communities of freelancers. If you’re launching your own business, maybe you can find a business coach or sign up for virtual networking events.

It may be intimidating to look at the whole flight of stairs, but you CAN manage to take that first step. So start with that, and then take another, and another. If you want some support to help you build your momentum, we’d love to share about the Unleash the Power Within Virtual event. Comment below for any questions or more details.     

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