What’s stopping us from putting in the work we know our success requires? Let’s get straight to the point and then the brutal honesty of, first, our:

1. Excuses

When you set a goal and you find yourself having reasons to not put the work to it, you’re already making excuses. We must always find the time to commit to our goals and promises, whatever it takes.

2. Playing the Victim

There will be a lot of challenges, conflict, and uncomfortable situations that can question your confidence and determination in completing the work that you need to do. Majority of people in the workforce tend to complain about how hard their work is and thus immediately forgetting the commitment implied and required in the decision they have made. It’s best not to go back on your word, and take the necessary sacrifices in time, social and family gatherings to achieve what needs to be achieved.

3. Taking All Things in Your Hands

More important than working hard is working is SMART. It’s not necessary to take all the work, nor the credit all to yourself. If you are not utilising the roles in your team, the tools, and the insight of your superiors, then most likely your decisions will make the situation more difficult despite being in control of everything, as what “doing everything on your own” suggests. The way you use your resources will show how good you can be in managing tasks and projects, basically, your leadership skills.

4. Enlist negative habits & start conditioning yourself against them

These are when small things actually matter the most. At most times, the habits we have become accustomed to might not seem too disruptive at first glance, but collectively, they might even accrue to such a big cost in our time, specifically habits that are counter-productive, especially when it’s done during the time that works is supposed to be done.

Enlist the habits you feel are counter-productive and try to condition yourself to do something productive, may it be about work or not, as long as you’re able to always progress, as much as possible, everyday. One good habit to form, is the habit of solving problems. As they do come and go, whether we like it or not, we’ll get to see how colourful our lives are once we’re able to solve it because in technicality, it’s us proving something to ourselves. That is what we’d like to call as Empowerment

5. You’re Afraid to Fail

May it be that you’re committing to a record or too afraid to make a mistake and disappoint, this all shows evident signs of fearing failure. We must always remember that failure is a critical part of the experience, and whatever we learn from our experience will always be more remarkable than any lecture or seminar.

These 5 behaviors are all a part of our attitude, decision making, and ultimately, our actions. The development of these behaviors would result in your personality, determination, and mindset and where it’ll take you in terms of your success. There are many ways to overcome the behaviors that affect our performance, but a notable solution is to practice or apply what we agree to do to improve ourselves, which is the aim of the Millionaire Mind Intensive Philippines in Manila.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive Philippines is a 3-day seminar that focuses on eliminating unproductive behaviour by transforming your perspective into a mindset set on success in both the overall development of your personality, presentation, and most especially, your financial capabilities. Try to find out more on the Millionaire Mind Intensive Philippines 2019.